Chloe is happiest when she lives in the safety and excitement of her ‘bubble world’ with her glamorous and charismatic mother; Gigi, whom she intensely idolises. However when Gigi finds a new man, Chloe is once again quickly discarded, which pushes her into a progressively deeper state of loneliness, resentment and desperation. Chloe must find a way to win back her mother’s affections, or else find the courage to escape their destructive co-dependency.

GENRE: Drama


Poster design by Lucy Charlotte.



Writer/Director/Producer: Kate Halpin

Cinematographer: Sam Powyer

Production & Costume Designer: Kate Halpin

Editor: Kate Halpin & Matias Bolla

Composer: Michael Lira

Sound Designer: Kathleen Burrows

Colourist: Warren Lynch, IC Films


Bonnie Ferguson, Shannon McCauley, Jeremy Shadlow, Peter McAllum


Flickerfest International Short Film Festival, 2017 (Academy & BAFTA Accredited)

St Kilda Film Festival, 2017 (Academy & BAFTA Accredited)

Walnut Creek International Film Festival, California, 2017

Female Eye Film Festival, 2017

San Jose International Film Festival, 2016

Lone Star Film Festival, 2016



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