A dark, coming-of-age comedy about self acceptance. After being being publicly humiliated for her chronic masturbation, Enora Plum, a schoolgirl, must challenge the sexually oppressed society she resides in, learning that the authority figures in her life are not qualified to comment on her sexuality.


Director/Writer: Hazel Annikki Savolainen

Co-Director: Jacinta Lai

Producer: Tahnee Court

Cinematographer: Miller Best


Hazel Annikki Savolainen, Joseph Louis Westwood, Keegan Fisher, Donna Garey Sizer.


St Kilda Film Festival, 2015

NY Shorts Fest, 2015

Canada Short Film Fest, 2015

Nightpiece International Film Festival, 2015

TM Film Festival, 2015

CATE Film Festival, 2016

Coney Island Film Festival, 2016


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